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Care, Support, Community.

As Registered Midwives and Family Doctors at Cedar House, we provide primary care during pregnancy and birth, as well as postpartum and newborn care for 6 weeks following.  We offer clinical care that promotes your and your baby’s health, as well as the opportunity to access extensive support and build community.


Our care is family-centred, meaning that you and your family are at the centre of all decision making. We support you by providing evidence-based information, respecting your personal values and culture, and developing relationships based on trust.

Cedar House Midwives, Comox Valley


We’re grateful for the grand red Cedar trees that stand strong around the Comox Valley.  Cedars are revered across cultures for their many gifts of medicine, shelter, and beauty.  Their roots extend far and wide to support a strong and resilient tree. In the forest, Cedars have the capacity to nourish and protect their young seedlings, (and even those of other tree species!) so that all may thrive.  At Cedar House Birth Collective we support our communities to flourish by offering nurturing clinical care for growing families, extensive compassionate support, and the opportunity to build connections and community.

We are a team of Registered Midwives and Family Doctors providing family centred care during pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and for newborns.  We attend births at the Comox Valley Hospital or at Home.

Come say hello to the Cedar Birth House Collective Team!  Help yourself to some tea, check out our lending library, or browse our “free bin” of pre-loved maternity and baby clothes.  We’ve created a welcoming and comfortable clinic space for our families at 103-2456 Rosewall Cresecent in Courtenay, BC.  


We are excited to offer group prenatal and postpartum care for our families to connect, create community and learn from one another.


During a prenatal group you will have the chance to learn about pregnancy and birth care options, what to expect, and to ask questions. You will also be able to have your routine check up of your blood pressure, baby's heartbeat and belly measurement in a private space with your doctor or midwife.


During a postpartum group, you can weigh your baby, have a personal assessment, and ask a doctor/midwife any questions.


With all our groups, you will meet other parents and enjoy and time together. 



We are excited to open our doors to the new CEDAR HOUSE BIRTH COLLECTIVE clinic at 103-2456 Rosewall Crescent, Courtenay, BC

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